Guided Surgery & Prosthetics

In most cases today, the digital processes of Guided Implantology involve professionals that are not adequately trained. Dental technicians, computer-specialists or regular dentists that have minimal implant training are responsible for planning your cases and printing your surgical guides. Unless the performing dentist is very experienced and capable of guiding the process, then the whole digital workflow will have a questionable outcome, especially in challenging cases.

The ImmediaTeam International Association is consisted of Implantologists (Implant Surgeons & Restorative Dentists) and Dental Technicians, who all have many years of experience in treating even the most complicated cases, using predictably the Digital Workflows of Guided Surgery and CAD-CAM Implant Prosthetics. Now they can be your Digital Assistants and Guides when you decide to enter the Digital World of Implant Dentistry! You can now have your implant case planned, your Surgical Guide printed and your patient’s provisional restoration prepared prior to the surgery, all done by the ImmediaTeam! Enjoying the privilege of working together with the specialists, you can have Surgical Guides and Provisional Restorations made by Implantologists for Implantologists!

The ImmediaTeam offers two levels of Guided Implantology services

Level I: Complete Digital Implant Case Planning and Designing-Printing of a Surgical Guide.

Level II: Complete Digital Implant Case Planning, Designing-Printing of a Surgical Guide and Designing and Fabricating / Printing of an Implant Supported Provisional Restoration prior to the day of the actual implant surgery.

Joining the Digital ImmediaTeam and completing your Implant case with the ImmediaTeam’s digital workflow is now easier than ever! Click on the button below to create an account, complete the respective digital order form, upload your patient’s data and start!


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