The Microsurgical Approach

Managing the periodontal & peri-implant soft tissue brings ultimate control to even the most challenging cases.

From thickening the peri-implant biotype to widening the zone of keratinized tissue around implants, from root/abutment coverage procedures to Stage II surgery alternatives, this highly intensive course will train the participants on the application of the principles of Microsurgery on Soft Tissue Management, using a unique combination of dedicated lectures and hands-on exercises on pig jaws.

The in-depth knowledge and appropriate use of the various microsurgical techniques, such as harvesting of sub-epithelial connective tissue grafts or free-gingival grafts, the laterally, coronally or apically positioned flaps and the modified tunneling technique, are the main goals of this two-day training, designed according to the high standards of all the ImmediaTeam training programs.

Upon completion of this highly advanced hands-on program, the participants will receive a Certificate in Advanced Soft Tissue Regeneration from the ImmediaTeam International Association.

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