Proposed Surgical set-up needed for the clinical part of the programs:

  1. Dental chair with a properly operating surgical suction system and operating light.
  2. Surgical instruments:
    •  2 dental mirrors
    • Periodontal probe (15mm)
    • 2 surgical blade holders (preferably round)
    • Orban periodontal knife
    • Kirkland periodontal knife
    • Periosteal elevator Molt #9
    • Periosteal elevator Prichard
    • Lucas surgical curette
    • Dentin excavator
    • Periodontal curette (Universal 4R/4L)
    • 1/3 Buser Modified J01/3 and 13KL
    • Periodontal Chisel
    • Gerald surgical tissue pliers
    • Cotton pliers
    • Crile Wood needle holder
    • Surgical scissors short
    • Surgical scissors long
    • Cawood-Minnesota retractor
    • Towel clamp
    • 15c and 12d surgical blades
    • Straight and angled Luxators
    • Periotomes
    • Tooth Forceps for anterior-posterior  maxillary and mandibular teeth
    • Root Forceps for maxillary and mandibular teeth
    • Curved Dental Root Elevator (Apex Elevator)
    • Surgical sterile disposable suction tips
  1. Surgical Implant Motor
  2. Surgical Implant Handpiece 20:1 & Straight Surgical Handpiece 1:1
  3. Surgical Implant kit (Drilling kit)
  4. Surgical Carbide Round and Straight Burs for root hemi-sections suitable for the Straight Surgical Handpiece 1:1
  5. Surgical Sterile fields and gloves
  6. Surgical Light Handle Covers
  7. Surgical Sterile Tubing Sleeves
  8. Sterile Disposable Syringes with Needle (20ml)
  9. Sterile Saline 0.9% (Bottles of 1L)
  10. Sterile disposable irrigation systems (connecting the handpiece with the saline bottle)
  11. Sutures 5.0 with surgical needle 3/8 19mm reverse cutting (absorbable)
  12. Sutures 6.0 with surgical needle 3/8 12mm reverse cutting (absorbable)
  13. Chlorhexidine 0.12% oral rinse solution
  14. Skin disinfection agent
  15. A computer for processing the Dental Scan of the patients
  16. Magnification loupes 2.5x (or greater) with mounted light for the surgeon
  17. Emergency drug kit (with Oxygen included)

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