Guided Online Support

Digital Services

We all have these cases, which create the need for a second opinion, even for the most experienced Implantologist..!

Challenging aesthetic cases, demanding full arch/ full mouth cases or simply cases that ‘’touch’’ areas outside of our past clinical experience. If you do have one of those, and you wish to complete it by means of Guided Surgery, then you now have the option of customized online support by our Team of Implantologists. The use of this specific service is, most of the times, necessary in order to plan properly and prepare adequately all the complex implant cases, before even completing your digital order form for the order of a Surgical Guide by ImmediaTeam.

Upon your entrance in the Digital ImmediaTeam Services (located in the website of our partner Aven Dental), you create your personal account, you then activate the Guided Online Support Service, and finally you complete the respective digital form and upload all the necessary digital files of your case.

We shall soon schedule a convenient online meeting with one of our ImmediaTeam specialists, who will then help-guide you in all the necessary steps in order to complete your case successfully!

To receive more information and/or to submit your interest in this service, please get in contact with us in, and we will soon get back to you.