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Implant Dentistry Free of Illusions

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25th BaSS Congress

Lecture: Implant Dentistry free of Digital Illusions

 Living in the overwhelmingly promising era of digital evolution, we are focused on using digital technology to find the answers to our questions, and this is definitely justified to a great degree.

On the other hand, modern dentists have to face more sophisticated problems today, trying to balance between the increasing needs of their patients and the vast variety of scientific opinions, dental products and controversial clinical protocols. Especially the field of Implant Dentistry is the one with the most ‘’Grey Zones’’, with the most unanswered questions.

This two-part lecture invites the dentist to a trip in some of these ‘’Grey Zones’’, and to a fruitful discussion that has one goal: our return to Biology and thus our development as consciously thinking dentists that are the masters of their computers and not the opposite.

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    9:00 πμ
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    4:00 μμ
  • Day

    28 Μαΐου, 2020 - 30 Μαΐου, 2020
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