Advanced Aesthetic Implantology – Socket Shield Surgery

Advanced Aesthetic Implantology – Socket Shield Surgery

This one-day program carries the principles of ImmediaTeam in the area where everything matters: the Aesthetic Zone.

The training is focused on providing in-depth understanding of all the important biological principles relative to Socket Management, as well as on developing superior clinical skills, for the participant who is really seeking for excellence.

The Socket Shield Technique will be introduced, thoroughly explained and subsequently mastered, and those who graduate from this program will complete the most advanced implant hands-on program available today, receiving their Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Implantology from the ImmediaTeam International Association.

Application Requirements

  • DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • English Language Fluency
  • For those who will continue to the clinical part of the program (optional):
    1. Patients in their private practice, who need immediate implant placements after tooth extraction in the aesthetic zone, suitable for Socket Shield Surgery (up to 2 immediate implants will be placed).
    2. Appropriate surgical set-up in their private practice. Learn more
    3. Special drills for performing clinically the Socket Shield Technique. Learn more



1. Mastering Pink Aesthetics – The Key of Success

Pink Aesthetics and White Aesthetics are the two sides of the same coin. Each one of these has to be thoroughly understood, respected and finally used, in the process of restoring aesthetic cases, from the most simple to extremely complex ones.

This lecture is focused on describing all the important diagnostic steps that are necessary for treatment planning cases in the Aesthetic Zone. When it comes to the treatment, creating a favorable ‘’pink environment’’, before starting our work on the white part of the smile, is absolutely imperative.

All the available resective, regenerative and preservative methods of soft tissue management will be discussed and the participants will be able to recognize and select the appropriate technique for each one of the most common clinical scenarios. Aesthetic excellence has to become a result of conscious decisions that we make based on this information.

2. Aesthetics based on the use of Biology – Mastering Socket Shield Surgery

On an everyday basis, Implantologists that continuously strive for aesthetic excellence, have to deal with the multiple limitations of the hard and soft tissue preservative and regenerative techniques. It seems that achieving a perfect aesthetic result, especially in cases of multiple missing teeth, is at least not predictable.

The lecture will initially guide the audience through the most important parts of the literature toward the understanding of the biological principles that govern the outcomes of a post-extraction aesthetic case. The Socket – Shield technique will then be introduced as an alternative that could be a solution to the compromise that clinicians have been forced to accept, when treating cases that require perfection. Using Biology can be our ultimate and only choice.

Hands – on Training on Socket Shield Surgery

The participants will be trained on soft tissue models on the appropriate clinical protocols for the application of the Socket – Shield technique.

Optional Additional Clinical Day

Clinical training on ‘’The Socket – Shield Technique in the Aesthetic Zone’’ in each participant’s private practice on patients of the participant.

Each participant can have up to two clinical cases, suitable for the application of the Socket – Shield technique in the aesthetic zone. The treatment planning for each case has to take place prior to the day of the surgery, and the participant is responsible to provide the instructor with all necessary data (x-rays, CBCT scan images, photos, models etc.)

Each participant will complete up to two cases of Socket – Shield – immediate implant placement and loading (one immediate implant in each case), under the Instructors’ assistance/supervision. The participant is responsible for the procedures, and the Instructor will assist to set up and execute the surgeries in a way that is optimum for the patient and compliant with the clinical standards of the ImmediaTeam International Association.

The Instructor will spend one day in the private practice of each participant (max. one surgery in the morning and one in the afternoon). The participant will take the impression of each one of these two immediate implants after each surgery, and the provisional restorations will be delivered in separate appointments, without the supervision of the Instructor.

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Course fee

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 day
  • Skill level DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • Max Students 15
  • Language English


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