Advanced Soft Tissue Management – Microsurgery

Advanced Soft Tissue Management – Microsurgery

Managing the periodontal & peri-implant soft tissue brings ultimate control to even the most challenging cases.

From thickening the peri-implant biotype to widening the zone of keratinized tissue around implants, from root/abutment coverage procedures to Stage II surgery alternatives, this one-day/ or two-day course will train the participants on the application of the principles of Microsurgery on Soft Tissue Management.

Upon completion of this highly advanced hands-on program, the participants will receive a Certificate in Advanced Soft Tissue Regeneration from the ImmediaTeam International Association.

Application Requirements

  • DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • English Language Fluency
  • For those who will continue to the clinical part of the program (optional):
    1. Patients in their private practice, who need thickening of the peri-implant biotype (up to 2 soft tissue surgeries will be performed).
    2. Appropriate surgical set-up in their private practice. Learn more
  • Microsurgical instruments and sutures. Learn more
  • Magnification loupes with mounted light



1. Soft Tissue Regeneration around Teeth and Implants – A Microsurgical Approach – Pt I


  • Soft tissue aesthetic analysis – How do we decide what we have to do?
  • Goals of soft tissue regeneration
  • Discussion on the need for keratinized tissue around teeth and implants
  • Factors influencing the results of soft tissue regeneration – Why do we succeed and why do we fail?
  • Evaluation of different types of soft tissue grafts – What is our choice?
  • Microsurgical Philosophy – Does it really make a difference?
  • Incisions and flaps in soft tissue regeneration
  • Optimal surgical technique for harvesting a connective tissue graft

2. Soft Tissue Regeneration around Teeth and Implants – A Microsurgical Approach – Pt II


  • Modified tunneling technique for surgical root coverage
  • Connective tissue grafts and their clinical use on thickening the peri-implant biotype

Hands – on Training on Soft Tissue Regeneration

The participants will be trained on maxillary pig jaws on the appropriate clinical protocols for the application of soft tissue regeneration procedures. Each participant will harvest two connective tissue grafts from the palatal area of the maxillary pig jaw, and subsequently learn how to use the grafts for regeneration purposes. Two exercises will be demonstrated and performed by the participants:

  1. Modified Tunneling Technique for Surgical Root Coverage
  2. Placement of a Dental Implant and Thickening of the Peri-implant Biotype

Optional Additional Clinical Day

Clinical training on ‘’Soft Tissue Regeneration’’ in each participant’s private practice on patients of the participant.

Each participant can have up to two clinical cases, suitable for thickening of the peri-implant biotype with the use of a connective tissue graft. The treatment planning for each case has to take place prior to the day of the surgery, and the participant is responsible to provide the instructor with all necessary data (x-rays, images, photos, models etc.)

 Each participant will complete up to two cases of thickening the soft tissue biotype, using a connective tissue graft harvested from the patient, under the Instructors’ assistance/supervision. The participant is responsible for the procedures, and the Instructor will assist to set up and execute the surgeries in a way that is optimum for the patient and compliant with the clinical standards of the ImmediaTeam International Association. The Instructor will spend one day in the private practice of each participant (max. one surgery in the morning and one in the afternoon).

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Course fee

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 day
  • Skill level DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • Max Students 15
  • Language English


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