Advanced Immediate Implantology Course

Advanced Immediate Implantology Course

A truly unique program that is focused on training the participant on the successful use of Immediate Implantology on a daily basis.

The concepts of Immediate Implant Placement and Loading are the core of every successful implant practice, as they provide the dentist with the most simple and effective solution for most challenges of modern Implantology.

Graduates of this one-day hands-on program will be trained theoretically and practically on Immediate Implant Placements in all kinds of surgical scenarios and will become familiar with the principles of Immediate Loading.

Upon their graduation, they will receive a Certificate in Advanced Immediate Implantology from the ImmediaTeam International Association.

Application Requirements

  • DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • English Language Fluency
  • For those who will continue to the clinical part of the program (optional):
    1. Patients in their private practice, who need immediate implant placements after tooth extraction (up to 2 immediate implants will be placed).
    2. Appropriate surgical set-up in their private practice.  Learn more



1. Demystifying Dental Implants

Understanding the interrelationship between dental implants and the surrounding tissues is fundamental from a clinical point of view. The lectures bring to the surface all the hidden biological and biomechanical aspects of dental implants that are necessary for the advancement in the field of Oral Implantology.

Comparing several different dental implants, analyzing the ‘’game’’ of the various implant surfaces in the process of osseointegration, uncovering the secrets of the formation of biologic width, bringing the concept of platform switching under the microscope, understanding the relationship between implant design and primary stability, are only a few of the topics that will be discussed in these clinically oriented lectures.

The participants will be able to recognize all the key aspects of a dental implant, and finally make a conscious decision about which implant they will use and how they should use it.

2. Immediate Implant Placement and Loading in the Aesthetic and Functional Zone

This clinically oriented lecture will focus on describing the various surgical and prosthetic protocols behind every ‘’immediate’’ implant case. The concepts of immediate implant placement and loading, when applied with respect to the biological, biomechanical and aesthetic conditions of each case, increase the satisfaction of patients and at the same time offer new possibilities in developing a successful practice.

The lecture will finally address all the important treatment planning and clinical considerations behind the most common immediate clinical scenarios.

Hands – on Training on Immediate Implant Placements

The participants will be trained on soft tissue models on the appropriate clinical protocols for immediate implant placements in all different types of sockets. Each participant will perform immediate placements in aesthetic sockets of the anterior maxilla, in premolar sockets, as well as in maxillary and mandibular molar sockets.

Optional Additional Clinical Day

Clinical training on ‘’Immediate Implant Placements and Loading in the Aesthetic Zone’’ in each participant’s private practice on patients of the participant.

Each participant can have up to two clinical cases, suitable for immediate implant placement and loading in the aesthetic zone. The treatment planning for each case has to take place prior to the day of the surgery, and the participant is responsible to provide the instructor with all necessary data (x-rays, CBCT scan images, photos, models etc.).

Each participant will complete up to two cases of extraction – immediate implant placement and loading (one immediate implant in each case), under the Instructors’ assistance/supervision. The participant is responsible for the procedures, and the Instructor will assist to set up and execute the surgeries in a way that is optimum for the patient and compliant with the clinical standards of the ImmediaTeam International Association. The Instructor will spend one day in the private practice of each participant (max. one surgery in the morning, and one in the afternoon). The participant will take the impression of each one of these two immediate implants after each surgery, and the provisional restorations will be delivered in separate appointments, without the supervision of the Instructor.

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Course fee

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 day
  • Skill level DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • Max Students 15
  • Language English


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