Advanced Guided Implant Surgery

Advanced Guided Implant Surgery

Get to know the most ‘’old-fashioned’’ training on Guided Implantology that has ever been created!

With a focus on providing the clinician with all the essential planning and clinical skills that are necessary for meeting the increased demands of a full-arch implant case, this course places the dentist in the driver seat from the very beginning! Acknowledging the fact that the digital revolution can create dentists that are passively using all these applications, the ImmediaTeam offers this training program that guides the trainee to guide the Surgical Guide, starting from … the Treatment Plan!

Upon graduation from this highly advanced hands-on program, the participants will receive a Certificate in Advanced Guided Implant Surgery from the ImmediaTeam International Association.

Application Requirements

  • DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • English Language Fluency
  • For those who will continue to the clinical part of the program (optional):
    1. One patient in their private practice, who is eligible for Guided Implant Surgery.
    2. Appropriate surgical set-up in their private practice. Learn more



1. Concept-Based Implant Treatment Planning – Biological and Biomechanical Considerations


  • Steps of collecting the Pt’s necessary data
  • Saving teeth or placing implants?
  • Ideal number of implants
  • Ideal distribution of implants
  • Number and size of cantilevers
  • Splinting implants to implants and implants to teeth
  • Ideal implant size – length & diameter
  • Short Implants vs Bone Regeneration Procedures
  • Soft tissue related parameters

2. Digital Treatment Planning for the Full-Arch Case


  • Fundamental differences between a digital and an analogue treatment plan
  • Data collection and transfer for a successful digital treatment plan
  • Aesthetic evaluation for a full-arch case
  • Digital face-bow transfer
  • Digital treatment planning in fully edentulous cases and in cases with extensive metal restorations
  • 3D Digital Implant Positioning for a full-arch case

3. Guided Implant Surgery for a Full-Arch Case and Immediate Provisionalization with a Prefabricated Prosthesis


  • Complete workflow for treating a full-arch case with Guided Surgery
  • Complete workflow for Immediate Provisionalization of a full-arch case with a prosthesis that is fabricated prior to the day of the surgery

Hands-on Training on Guided Implant Surgery & Immediate Provisionalization

The participants will be trained on printed models on the appropriate clinical protocols for the use of a surgical guide for the treatment of a full-arch implant case.

Immediate Provisionalization of the previously placed implants with a screw-retained prefabricated full-arch provisional restoration will follow.

Optional Additional Clinical Day

Clinical training on Advanced Guided Surgery and Immediate Provisionalization in each participant’s private practice on a patient of the participant.

The treatment planning for each case has to take place prior to the day of the surgery, and the participant is responsible to provide the instructor with all necessary data (x-rays, images, photos, models etc.). The ImmediaTeam will be responsible for the fabrication of the Surgical Guide and the prefabricated provisional restoration, which will be used during the procedure.

Each participant will treat one implant case with the use of a Surgical Guide and subsequently provisionalize the case with a prefabricated provisional restoration under the Instructors’ assistance/supervision. The participant is responsible for the procedures, and the Instructor will assist to set up and execute the surgeries in a way that is optimum for the patient and compliant with the clinical standards of the ImmediaTeam International Association.

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Course fee

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 1 day
  • Skill level DDS (DMD) Diploma or equivalent
  • Max Students 15
  • Language English


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